A more complete AVR simulator, in java

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A more complete AVR simulator, in java

Postby ale500 on Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:16 pm

Just to challenge Chris, his exercise, and his well demonstrated use of some oo concepts, I present my AVR simulator. It was not programmed with as many oo goodness (as Chri's) but with a bit more functionality, it loads hex files and symbol listings produced by the GCC targeted for avr. :mrgreen:

To get gcc working for avr target do the following:
get binutils 2.17 (http://www.gnu.org!)
get gcc (can be base), 4.1.2 (4.3.0 has a bug in the libgcc.S and will fail to build it)

compile and install binutils using the --target=avr command in the configure script.
compile and install gcc using the --target=avr in the configure script.

Do not forget to call the configure script from another directory just created for that, so you do not mess with the source directories (gcc now requires this).

I hope it is useful for someone, and is open source.

Have fun,

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