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Audioino Robot

Postby chris on Sun Sep 18, 2011 6:01 am

The Autioino-Robot is an easy to build little autonomous robot. It is fully programmable with the Arduino environment.

With very few components you can build a line-following robot. Mainly you need a L293D motor driver and to ultra-bright LEDs and an Arduino.

The Robot became its name from the Audioino Bootlaoder because the Arduino can easily be replaced by a much cheaper Atmega168 when you want to use your Arduino for other projects.

obstacle detection
The obstacle detection works with the IR-light reflection principle. It consist mainly of 2 elements: a IR-diode and a sfh5110 IR-receiver. This sensor principle was developed for the asuro robot here.

line sensors
as line sensors, the two front LEDs are used.
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