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Postby chris on Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:48 pm

Audioino example project

To build this you can use a strip board.

1, print the layout
2. glue the layout on the strip board
3. place the wires on top
4. place the circuits
5. don't forget to cut the unnecessary connections on the bottom of the strip-board

I made this design to be build by beginners in my microcontroller workshops. Usually no one has a watch in this workshop and I never know whats the time. This circuit can be programmed as clock and I hope to solve the problem with this project.

hardware issues:
The design of this project may seem a little bit strange: why are the diodes connected this way?
With this design the diodes may be used as light sensor: ... ensor.html
So a game maybe programmed by using the leds as IN- and Output.
The trade of is that only 3 LEDs may be lit at the same time. To enable the impression of lighting all LEDs, a multiplexing technique has to be used.
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